Shade Trees

Autumn Blaze Maple

  • Rapid growth.
  • Drought tolerant, that has the ability to grow in most soils.
  • Dense oval shape.
  • Rich green foliage that turns orange-red in the fall.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

  • More upright, oval branches.
  • Dark green foliage that turns Orange-scarlet in the fall.

Red Sunset Maple

  • Upright dense branches.
  • Bright green heavy texture foliage that turns brilliant red in the fall.

Sienna Glen Maple

  • Cross between a Silver Maple and a Red Maple.
  • Broad pyramidal form with a very uniform branches.
  • The summer color is medium green, fall color is a mix of orange, red and burgundy colors.

Celebration Maple

  • Sun or shade
  • Combines the advantages of the silver and red maple with rapid growth
  • Green foliage turning to gold in the fall

Red Point Maple

  • Deep green leaves changing to a brilliant red in fall.
  • Broadly pyramidal form.
  • Fast growing with dense shade.

Crimson Sunset Maple

  • Deep Purple foliage changing to maroon or reddish-bronze.
  • Upright, compact oval shape.
  • Heat tolerant, offer good shade.

Northern Red Oak

  • Fastest growing Oak.
  • Great for landscaping or as a street tree.
  • Round in shape.
  • Glossy dark green foliage in spring, turning reddish brown in the fall.

Heritage Bur Oak

  • A large shade tree.
  • Cross between English Oak and Bur Oak.
  • Pyramidal in shape.
  • Deep green foliage.

Pin Oak

  • Conical when young, maturing to broad oval.
  • Glossy green foliage that turns red in the fall.

Regal Prince Oak

  • Dark green foliage changing to yellow brown in fall.
  • Upright, oval shape.
  • Tolerant of a wide range of soils types, wet and dry.

Swamp Oak

  • Excellent in both wet and upland soils.
  • Leaves are less deeply incised then white oak
  • Good transplant success

English Oak

  • Great shade tree.
  • Easy to grow and is low maintenance.
  • Broad, Round in shape.
  • Yellowish green foliage in spring, turning golden brown in the fall.

Skyline Honey Locust

  • Strong sturdy trunk and shapely crown.
  • Great for light shade.
  • Dark green foliage that turns golden-yellow in the fall.

Redmond Linden

  • Beautiful shade tree.
  • Strong pyramid-shaped form.
  • Fragrant yellow flowers in early summer.
  • Great shade / low maintenance

Sterling Linden

  • Symmetrical tree with a broad pyramidal shape.
  • Dark green leaves are silvery underneath.
  • Very fragrant, yellowish white flowers bloom in June and July.

Spring Snow Crab

  • A very fragrant crab.
  • Rounded in shape.
  • White flower with bright green, shiny foliage in spring.

Royal Raindrops Crab

  • Purple foliage changing to orange-red.
  • Upright, spreading.
  • Good resistance to fireblight.

Prairie Fire Crab

  • Upright branches, rounded shape crown.
  • Purple foliage that turns reddish-green in the fall.
  • Flowers bright pinkish red.
  • Fruit dark red 3/8″ – 1/2″.

Donald Wyman Crab

  • Upright at youth, rounded shape when mature.
  • Glossy dark green foliage.
  • White flowers.
  • Fruit 3/8″ attractive red persistent.

Red Jewel Crab

  • White-flowering crab with dark green fall foliage.
  • Upright, pyramidal shape.
  • Cherry red fruit shrivels and darkens.

Cleveland Select Pear

  • Dense white flowering in early spring and purple fall color
  • Attractive upright oval form and glossy green leaves

Chanticleer Pear

  • Glossy light green foliage
  • White blossoms

Common Hackberry

  • Moderate to rapid growth
  • Bright green foliage that turns to a soft yellow in the fall

Fort McNair Horse Chestnut

  • More compact in growth than other Horsechestnuts.
  • Dark green summer leaves with fairly good fall color ranging from gold to orange.
  • Very hardy.

Kentucky Coffee

  • Large growing tree.
  • Great for urban or rural landscape.
  • Round, spreading in shape.
  • Bluish-green foliage in spring, turning yellow in the fall.

Ohio Buckeye

  • Great shade street tree.
  • Round in shape.
  • Bright green spring leaves turning darker in the summer then turning yellow with orange and red in fall..

London Plane Tree

  • A large tree for a large space.
  • Female flowers give way to fuzzy, long-stalked, spherical fruiting balls.

Mountain Ash

  • Is a vigorous grower.
  • Columnar in shape.
  • Deep green foliage with a silvery underside with brilliant red berries.

Patriot Elm

  • Glossy green foliage with yellow fall color.
  • Fast-growing, vigorous, and easily established.
  • Excellent resistance to Dutch elm disease.

Winter King Hawthorn

  • Is a easy grower.
  • Great as a street tree.
  • Round in shape.
  • Deep green foliage with white blooms.
  • Fruit is bright red and attracts birds.

Quaking Aspen

  • Creamy white flower panicles with fragrant pea-like flowers.
  • 4″ light brown seed pods form in autumn.
  • Tolerant of acid soils.

Turkish Filbert

  • Dark green foliage changing to yellow-green in fall.
  • Broad pyramidal shape.
  • Enjoys full sun.

Tulip Tree

  • Fast-growing tree with bright green leaves that resemble tulip flowers.
  • Upright to columnar shape.
  • Prefers moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soils.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

  • White blossoms in spring, followed by showy, sweet purplish-black fruit.
  • Heavily branched, the tree has an interesting spreading branch pattern.

Ivory Silk

  • Dark green foliage.
  • Compact oval shape.
  • Large creamy white flower clusters in early July.


  • Fast growing tree with dark green foliage changing to yellow/red in fall.
  • Oval shape with branches upright and spreading.
  • Slow growing, small to medium tree.


  • Creamy white flower panicles with fragrant pea-like flowers.
  • 4″ light brown seed pods form in autumn.
  • Tolerant of acid soils.

Red Bud

  • Small pink flowers in spring before leaves appear.
  • Later brown fruit pods form.
  • Does well in sun and part shade.


  • Green foliage changing to yellow in fall.
  • Upright broad conical shape.
  • Enjoys full sun.

Northern Catalpa

  • Medium green foliage changing to yellow/gold in fall.
  • Pyramidal shape tree spreading, great for shade.
  • Produces clusters of white flowers.

American Hophornbeam Ostrya virginiana

  • Oval shaped dark yellowish foliage changing to yellow in fall.
  • Pyramidal shape with branches upright and spreading.
  • Best in slightly acid soil that is moist, cool and fertile.

American Hophornbeam Carpinus caroliniana

  • Oval shaped green foliage changing to orange to red in fall.
  • Pyramidal shape with branches upright and spreading.
  • Slow growing, small to medium tree.

River Birch

  • Broadly pyramidal crown.
  • Light green glossy foliage that turns yellow in the fall.

Whitespire Birch

  • A white-barked birch, tolerant of high temps.
  • Resistant to the bronze birch borer.
  • Great growth in a variety of soil conditions.
  • Glossy dark green foliage in spring, turning yellow in the fall.

Heritage Birch

  • Tan to creamy barked birch.
  • Pyramidal crown.
  • Dark green, diamond-shaped foliage that turns yellow in the fall.

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