Planting Instructions

  • New Tree Planting:
    The majority of the roots on the newly planted tree will develop in the top 12” of soil. It is recommended to plant the tree a little high 2″ – 2 1/2″ above the top of the root ball. This will allow for some settling.
  • Dig a Shallow Broad Planting Hole:
    Make the hole wide, as much as twice times the diameter of the root ball, but only as deep as the root ball. Set tree in hole. Cut ropes from the trunk of tree that hold burlap in place, fold burlap and steel basket loop down to the sides of the root ball, but do not remove wire basket.
  • Back Filling:
    Straighten the tree in the hole before you begin back-filling have someone view the tree from several directions to confirm the tree is straight. Once you begin back-filling it is difficult to re-position. Fill the hole gently but firmly fill the hole taking care to firmly pack soil to eliminate air pockets that may cause roots to dry out. It is not recommended to apply fertilizer at the time of planting.
  • Staking (only if needed):
    Stake the tree for support 3 stakes evenly spaced around tree. Support tree to stakes with a flexible tie material will hold the tree upright. Remove support staking and ties after the first year of growth.

Watering Instructions

  • Watering and Tree Care:
    Water tree soon after planting evenly around outside of root-ball to settle back-fill approximately 10 to 15 gallons.
    Keep the soil moist but not soaked over watering will cause leaves to turn yellow or fall off. Water trees at least once a week, barring rain and more frequently during hot weather. Place 3 — 5 gallon pails with small holes in bottom, evenly placed around trees root ball. This is adequate watering on a weekly bases.
    It is important to understand that the trees root system has been reduced by 90— 95% of its original size during transplanting. Transplant shock is indicated by slow growth and reduced vigor following transplanting. In most cases 2 growing seasons of transplant shock is noted.





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